S T O R Y 

Jerod was born and raised in Orange County, CA. At age fourteen he started playing drums. He soon began playing with the youth group worship team at a local church. He also joined a punk rock band with some friends at the church. “Looking back I am very grateful for those first musical situations I fell into. With the worship band I had this structure and also a mentor to tell me I sucked. With the punk band it was pure chaos and no rules. The two meshed together absolutely molded the musician I am today.” He found himself playing in many bands throughout the years. Primarily with the same core musicians who were his best friends. “Our dream was always to become rock stars. We always spoke to each other with so much confidence. I think we all truly believed we were going to make it. And not just make it but be the biggest thing since Michael Jackson! Haha” The group finally got the break they were longing for in 2007 when a record executive heard a song off their EP they released earlier that year. The band didn’t hesitate to sign a deal and started writing with famed songwriter/producer Marti Frederiksen. “I started writing songs ever since I started playing drums, but I really learned how to write a song when I met Marti.” But the advance money from the label soon ran out and things were beginning to implode. “Just as quickly as everything seemed to be coming together it was just as quickly unraveling. We started noticing the label wasn’t doing everything they said they were gonna do. We were very arrogant and headstrong and thought we knew everything so we asked to get out of our contract.” After almost a year of going back and forth the band were eventually released and went on to put out their album independently. But with no tour lined up and the band trying to hold together a steady roster of members it soon fizzled out. Not to mention Jerod having his first child. “My son was getting bigger and I just couldn’t grind it out any longer. I was burnt out. Plus I was discontent with what I was doing personally and spiritually. I felt empty. I spent so many years going down various roads trying to fulfill selfish ambitions and desires that always lead to dead ends and disappointments. I had enough with the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle and I wasn’t even a rock star. The saddest part was that I called myself a Christian. I even went to church every Sunday. I had excepted God into my life at a young age. When I was in kindergarten. It was a conscious decision I made. I remember the day and setting so vividly. But I have had so many ups and downs and peaks and valleys in my Christian walk. I was on the fence for so many years and sick of it. I was also becoming jaded and just plain tired of all the disappointments in my career. I think God was trying to tell me something. You see, I always used to tell God “Give me a big platform. Put my band in a successful position so that I could let people know who you are” And I was even at times bitter towards God because he wasn’t giving me what I was asking for. I was so used to doing things my way and only trusting myself that I never slowed down long enough to listen to what God was trying to tell me for so long. Which was that if he couldn’t trust me with the most minuscule things. Then how was he going to trust me with great things. If I wasn’t living for him then, how on earth was I going to live for him with money and fame?” Jerod let go of his dream of becoming a rock star and began writing and producing songs for other artists. “It was my way of staying in and around music until I could figure out what was next.” He even started singing and leading worship at his home church. “I can honestly say that playing at church gives me more fulfillment and satisfaction then all my years of playing in secular venues combined. God was stirring something in me. Something that I couldn’t contain inside any longer. I decided to go to a Thursday night bible study led by pastor Greg Laurie. I actually used to go to his church in Riverside, CA a number of years back. But they opened a new church in Orange County. Anyhow, after the service he gave an alter call. A chance for non believers and believers (that needed to make a rededication) to make a public profession of their faith. Jesus says that if you acknowledge me before men, I will acknowledge you before my Father and the Angels in heaven. But if you deny me before men, I will also deny you before my Father and the Angels in heaven. God was telling me in that moment that it was time to not only make a decision to follow him for real. But to tell the world that I was ready to do it for real. So I stood up and came forward and made a decision that night that I was gonna follow Jesus the best I could. 100% all or nothing. If he says go I will go. I was gonna go out into the world and make disciples of all nations and be a true and faithful servant to the one true living God! Everything all of sudden was clear to me. All those years I was a backslider and trying to be a rock star being so close to success only to fall flat on my face every attempt was God protecting me. I could have fallen down such a darker path than I was already going down but God was there to make sure I didn’t. The bible says he will never leave nor forsake you.” Which is exactly the message coming across in Jerod’s debut single as a solo artist. “The closer my relationship with Jesus was getting the more he started to reveal his plan for me. Probably for the first time I was dedicating and using my talents for him. God gives us all special talents and gifts. This music is my ministry and I will use it to reach as many people as I possibly can. I waisted so many years that I could have been using to help expand Gods kingdom but was to stubborn and blind being a wretched sinner. I was miserable. A Christian living on the fence will feel no other way. God used certain events to get my attention long enough to tell me that time was running out. He wanted me to know that he was coming soon and I wasn’t anywhere near ready for his return. I have a lot of lost time to make up for so I have a huge sense of urgency.” The first single titled “You Saved Me” can be musically described as a high energy electronically driven super anthem! “Lyrically it confesses the fact how lost I was without Jesus Christ in the center of my life and proclaims that we only truly find life from here to eternity when we become saved by him. I feel this message is a great starting point for this ministry.”